On 25. 09.22 in Szczyrk, I had the great pleasure of participating in an event organized by Bator Art Gallery, which was a combination of a poetry evening and a vernissage of paintings and sculptures. The author of the poems is Mr. Zbigniew Kowalkowski, while the painting was presented by Mr. Karol Bąk and the sculptures by Mr. Sylwester Chlodzinski. The poems were inspired by specific works that were physically in the gallery, which further allowed contact and confrontation between the viewer and each medium. The presentation itself, on the other hand, was a projection of word, image and music, creating a trio that had an unusually strong effect on the senses, which I’ll admit frankly, surprised me enough to become an object of painterly reflection for me. After the introduction to the mood, with a delicate note in the background, the Author introduced the audience to the poems without reading them, but used a recording, which turned out to be a great solution, because the voice was devoid of possible distortions that sometimes arise with a live performance, for example, in the form of acoustics, and fully conveyed his creative message. It was very powerful, for it was he who intoned as he felt, drawing attention to and giving weight to the phrases and moments he wanted to emphasize, it was he who outlined the speed with which the poem, and thus the work in question, melded with the viewer’s sensibilities and, finally, it was he who ultimately set the mood and atmosphere of the entire event. And, it was considerable. The author, however, did more than that: both the paintings of Mr. Baek and the sculptures of Mr. Chlodzinski need no special introduction – they are well known, appreciated and worthy of praise, but their interpretation by Mr. Kowalkowski raised their quality even more, showing how widely they can be read, how seemingly small details allow one to penetrate into a painting or sculpture, how profound this type of art can be, and finally: how powerful is the poetry of each of the arts, which in Bator Gallery melted into one. I think that both Mr. Karol and Mr. Sylvester as authors of inspiration for the poems, and Mr. Zbigniew as an author of written poetry can be satisfied, because the title of the event: “Echoes from the border of worlds” only confirmed that their work such a gateway to other worlds, worlds each of us simply opens. Below I cite two examples that impressed me the most, and for the whole I thank both the authors and Bator Gallery very much. At the very end, I would like to thank the author of the poetry very much, as he closed the event with a poem inspired by one of my works, which for me is a special honor, and the impressions of listening live to someone’s emotions in the form of a poem, while looking at his own painting are simply indescribable.

Thank you, Zbigniew Oporski.

Examples and a link to the ebook in the study:

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